Mountains of plastic pollution cover islands in Maldives.

El planeta busca ayuda ! encuentra un proyecto ambiental, publicalo en nuestro blog, PARTICIPA y protege lo mas valioso que tenemos NUESTRO MUNDO !!!

The other side of paradise: Incredible photos show mountains of plastic bottles washed up on idyllic honeymoon islands in Maldives It's renowned for its luxury accommodation, turquoise waters and breath-taking beaches. However, these images show the darker side to the Maldives - with huge amounts of rubbish washed up on the island’s pristine sands.  Award-winning filmmaker Alison Teal, 27, visited Thilafushi – or Trash Island - an artificial island created as a municipal landfill situated to the west of Malé.

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Volunteer Project. White shark project South Africa

Volunteer for White Shark Projects and become integral to the conservation of the greatest and yet most misunderstood, predatory force of the seas – the Great White Shark. Sharks are intelligent and vulnerable, and deserving of sympathy and respect. A complex and precious species, they are doing their best to survive.

Since 1989 White Shark Projects, through research and education programmes, has been committed to dispelling the “Jaws” myth that gives these creatures such a bad reputation.

White Shark Projects is a world-leading organization that champions the cause of the Great White Shark. Initially founded as a research institute, White Shark Projects has expanded its services to include an excellent film department; a diving and viewing centre; and a separate conservation and education department.

                                                                                                   “Everything we do we aim to do in harmony with nature and the environment in which we are working.”


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Dolphin Research & Conservation Project in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Get directly involved in monitoring and researching marine conservation efforts in Zanzibar, off the coast of Tanzania. Your work will include dolphin and dolphin-tourism monitoring, coral reef transects and data analysis. This will be carried out on small boats, in the water and with the local community. You'll live with other volunteers right on the beach in a small tropical village.

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Under Invasion!

The waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean are under invasion by an enchanting, but deadly fish. The elegant lionfish, native of the Indo-Pacific, is a predatory reef fish originally brought to the Americas as an intriguing specimen to feature in local aquariums. Scientists are not exactly sure how the first release of Lionfish made it into the Florida waters, but they are certain that it began with only a handful of fish. Having no natrual predators in that region, the lionfish population flourished.

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Parque Marítimo Roatan, Islas de la Bahía, Honduras (Ing-Esp)

 Parque Marino de Roatán (RMP) es una organización sin fines de lucro, ubicada en la isla de Roatán, a 50 kilómetros de la costa continental de Honduras. (continua en Español)

The Roatan Marine Park (RMP) community-based, non-profit organization located on the island of Roatan, 50 kilometers off the mainland coast of Honduras. (Continue in English) 

La organización se formó en enero de 2005 cuando un grupo de operadores de buceo y varias empresas locales unidos en un esfuerzo por proteger los arrecifes de coral frágiles de Roatán. Inicialmente, tenía como objetivo ejecutar un programa de patrullaje dentro de la arena de la Reserva Marina Bay-West End (SBWEMR), y asi evitar la sobre explotación de especies a través de las prácticas de pesca no sostenibles. Con el tiempo, amplio el alcance de sus esfuerzos ambientales a través de la adición de otros programas que abarcan toda la isla. 

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Bay Islands Conservation Association

Take your diving to the next level! It is no secret that the World´s oceans are in grave danger, suffering from over fishing, trash accumulation, and rising water temperatures. Many divers, after experiencing first-hand life underwaterare anxious to get more involved in protecting the Deep Blue. The staff at Worldiving are excited to share some interesting volunteer opportunities in the Bay Islands, Honduras. Volunteers work closely with staff on the various projects, with generally one or two staff members providing direction and oversight to each volunteer.  Read on to learn more about the various programs offered.

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